Becoming a Social WorkerSpecial interest to those wanting to become a social worker:

A series of links for the veteran social worker, aspiring social worker and those in need of social service intervention. Please feel free to link to this page as a resource. More to come! is a community organization dedicated to empowering people suffering from substance abuse addiction with tools and resources to start their personal journey toward recovery. We create and publishes comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources that have been featured and is referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the web. The world has changed a lot in the last few years for lesbian, gay, transgender and questioning individuals, for the better in a lot of ways. Yet, significant challenges remain in the quest for equality and its effects on well-being. Sexual and gender minorities face legal discrimination in many areas, and the battle for equality is far from over. Read more in the LGBTQ+ Comprehensive Health & Well-being Guide here.

Rehab Center
Rehab Center is an organization connecting people who are seeking treatment to the resources they need. We provide an array of treatment services, programs, and evidence-based treatment methods as well as secure, private locations in which to heal. We feel it is important to increase awareness of this issue.
Domestic violence can take many forms, with the most common types being physical violence, rape, verbal threats and emotional or psychological abuse. In the U.S., domestic violence is commonly associated with cases of sexual assault, stalking, homicide, mental illness and suicide. The pervasiveness and complexity of domestic violence means that anyone — regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion or social standing — can be affected by this kind of abuse at any point in their life.

NYC Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence:

Safe Sleep for your Baby:
National Institute of Child Health
& Human Development

CDC Resources:

Violence Prevention

The National Intimate Partner
And Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS)

LGBT Health

Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Violence & Stalking:
Prevent Connect

Stalking Resource Center


Mental Health Websites:

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Parents with a Mental Illness

Bipolar Children

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

National Mental Health Association

Human Resources:

Human Resources Administration NYC