“I highly recommend Field Work with an Open Heart! The author is a sensitive and compassionate social work professional who is also honest. She has brilliantly captured the difficulties and challenges of helping a wide range of clients and being exposed to the intimate details of their lives. While some of the stories made me laugh out loud, others broke my heart. It is truly a compelling read.”

—Stacey Kelly Breen, J.D. (Juris Doctorate)


“The author has done a masterful job of describing the always critically important, often difficult and sometimes very funny day-to-day job of being a social worker ‘out in the field.’ Following her behind-the-scenes experiences, social workers and young people exploring the profession can not only grow professionally but also develop a deeper understanding of, and compassion for, the people they hope to serve. The author’s insights are compelling and inspirational.”

—Caren Lee, LMSW


“This is a very special book, written by a sensitive, compassionate and brutally honest professional. Many books and manuals are written to teach social workers how to improve their home visiting skills. What Field Work with an Open Heart uniquely captures are the complexities of going into clients’ homes and meeting these people where they live. The experiences beautifully expressed in each chapter are the trials and lessons of many years of social work wisdom. This book alone will prove to be an invaluable tool to any social worker in the field—or anyone who is interested in reading about unusual, astonishing and troubled human beings.”

—Sonia Sarmiento, Social Work Administrator,
LMSW, M.S. Counseling, CASAC


“Field Work with an Open Heart is truly educational and informative. As a counselor, I found every chapter most helpful in giving me added perspective during my home visits. The book will also prove entertaining for the layman! I found myself laughing or sympathizing with the author on every page. This book is sure to be a welcome addition to your personal library, no matter what your field of work.”

—Steve Rosefort, M.S. Ed. School Counseling, School Building Leadership


“Field Work with an Open Heart is an honest and realistic examination of field work. It presents a genuinely candid account of some of the issues that present themselves when practicing ‘in the field,’ and offers invaluable advice and practical tips on how to maintain professionalism and composure in the face of unconventional, sometimes disturbing and sticky situations. Interlaced are the author’s personal experiences, presented in an entertaining and engaging manner. The book is an essential read, not only for persons planning on doing field work, but for any other type of social worker, since it offers tips and clues on how to develop into a well-rounded practitioner. I’m sure it will also have terrific, jaw-dropping appeal for the general reader.”

—Stephanie Jean, MSW, J.D. (Juris Doctorate)